Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vince 2013 Fall Men's Lookbook

The Vince 2013 Fall Men's Lookbook has come out!
Filled with staple wardrobe pieces, the collection is a rather safe, neat and polished combination of great quality essentials every man should own. 

Pieces I liked in particular are 
(1) the waffle knit sweaters of cream and black with leather patches, 
(2) the subtle striped sweaters and plaid shirts under a layer of thick, leather and tailored jackets of shiny black and rich, warm shades of dark brown.

Take a look!
and heck, if you want to purchase something, click on over to Vince here.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Balenciaga Spring 2014 Menswear

Here is a collection that's far more "ready-to-wear" for men on the streets. With new creative director, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga has opened the runway with clothing geared more towards working essentials rather than being trendy.

Hey, these may be "just essentials," but you have to admit that every look is undoubtedly spiffy and can be a great start for men who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with bolder looks. 
I posted this collection essentially for those men who want to become more fashion-mobile and dip their toes into coordinating outfits that make more of a statement!

I think men should go more of a distance in terms of patterns and designs on their clothing. The look above shows a perfect example of how men can incorporate patterns in a more subtle way, without having that unwanted flashiness/femininity.

Notice the sharpness that the leather bomber jackets and leather blazers add to simple layerings of essentials!

The following look has a bit o'blue, purple toned ombre on the blazer which can add a little splash of gradiated color to a man's look without being too overpowering, especially when you have such a solid, black palette underneath.

So some take aways!
(1) If you want to start experimenting without going TOO bold, start with black or white as a solid color palette and build on top of that for starters~
(2) If you want to incorporate more outwardly patterned clothing into your wardrobe, start with patterned clothing of navy blue, black, white,
 or deep colors of green, or maroon.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped, if only in the slightest! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Medley of Inspirations ACNE STUDIOS SPRING 2014 Menswear

Now I know these pieces are hyper-contemporary, but honestly, that's what this collection was meant to exude. Designed by Jonny Johansson, this collection really brought out some of the bolder aspects that men should direct their attention to. 

Picture 1: I always love a man in a boldly regal shade purple, as long as it's not overdone with splatters of other overbearing colors. Purple is already a statement color in itself so when it comes, all other vibrant colors should GO. I always prefer purple with a more neutral hue of tan or khaki over jeans...
but white can really pop a purple out without making a mess of your color palette!

Picture 2: Although I'm not quite sure what the material of that jacket is, it's suede-velvety texture combined with a dark, maroon red makes it a stand out piece that, in my opinion, adds just enough taste to any casual outfit. If that beauty was thrown on with a simple white v-neck tee and a nice pair of jeans, I think it would most-definitely be a head-turner. 
This may also be a result of my obsession with suede bomber jackets on men. They always give a slightly sexy vibe while keeping an outfit looking casual and effortless. Depending on what kind of bomber/leather jacket a man buys, the look can appear polished and cut or more on the tough, rugged side.

Picture 3: This was by far my favorite look in the collection. I think a clean, almost monochromatic color scheme is an easy way for man's look to appear clean and well-coordinated. These colors give off a really charmingly warm and bright vibe.
For men who know their legs are a bit on the broader side, I don't necessarily recommend pants in such a light shade but if that's the case, then contrasting shades of blue could be an equal alternative.